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Bernie Moreno

As Ohioans begin kicking the tires on Senate candidate Bernie Moreno, it won’t be long before they find out he’s a lemon.


Moreno: “Absolute pro-life. No exceptions.”

Moreno would vote for a national abortion ban without exceptions

  • Moreno supports a national abortion ban that would overturn the will of Ohioans who overwhelmingly supported a constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights. He wants to ban abortion with no exceptions, even for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

  • Moreno donated $100,000 to the special interest group that tried to defeat Issue 1, which was overwhelmingly supported by the majority of Ohioans. 

Moreno refused to pay his workers the overtime they earned, then destroyed the evidence to get away with it.

  • Moreno deliberately shredded key evidence he was legally required to keep, and was found liable for wage theft by a jury — forcing Moreno to pay over $400,000 in damages to his employees and settle over a dozen similar wage theft lawsuits. 

  • After he got caught, Moreno repeatedly lied about the case and multiple fact checks found his excuses “false.”

Moreno exploited his insider political connections to boost his businesses and enrich himself

  • Moreno exploited his inside political connections, hefty campaign contributions, and public board appointments for years to steer government contracts toward himself and boost his blockchain businesses — leading Moreno to ultimately cash out for at least $5 million. 

Moreno: “It’s 357 pages of complete garbage.”

Moreno opposes the bipartisan border security bill backed by border patrol agents

Moreno: “I reject the premise of the question.”

Moreno has made it clear he won’t work with members of the other party to get things done. 

  • When asked how he would work across the aisle to deliver for Ohioans, Moreno said he “reject[ed]” the question.

  • Moreno was slammed by the Ironton Tribune Editorial Board for having “no real interest” in advocating for Ohioans and being “intent on adding to [the] problem” in Washington.

Moreno: “At the end of the day, the markets will flush that out.”

Moreno doesn’t believe the minimum wage should exist.

Moreno: “We have to let the markets work…That’s answer number one on health care.”

Moreno wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

  • Moreno would dismantle the Affordable Care Act, putting 857,000 Ohioans at risk of losing their coverage and facing higher costs while nearly 2 million Ohioans with preexisting conditions could be denied healthcare. 

Paid for by the Ohio Democratic Party
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